Haiti National Championships

This competition reunites all the Haitian track and field athletes all over the world.  Every year will travel to Haiti to compete for the national title and a spot on the traveling national team. Last season was a great experience to understand, develop, change and learn from our mistakes. The meet we put on in Haiti had some downfalls, but overall was a success. Even now we are receiving request to do more activities in Haiti. It was amazing to see the youth take pride in themselves and their country, knowing that the potential to represent their nation was a possibility. The love and the experience shared by both the Haitian athletes from the Diasporas and those native to Haiti was special to say the least. The bad thing about this event was the lack of financial resources to support the needs of the young athletes inHaiti. Some of them had to wear socks to run because they didn’t have spikes and track surface was extremely hot.  With your help, next season, we want to be able to provide athletic equipment to more than 300 young athletes in Haiti.

Olympic Center Port-au-Prince, HAITI


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